Text Web is a text only web browser for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad that allows you to read long web pages as plain text with a variety of display options.

Text Web is a text only web browser designed for readers.

  • View web pages as text only, without any images
  • Change the text size, font, and color as you read
  • Read long pages without accidentally scrolling to the top
  • Scroll quickly to the top, bottom, or positions in the middle of the document (10%, 20%, 30%, etc)
  • View pages in different color schemes including white text on a black background, black on white, green on black, sepia, navy blue, and more
  • Avoid eyestrain by increasing the font size on the web pages you’re reading and using high-contrast and low-contrast color schemes
  • View pages in fixed width, serif, or sans-serif fonts
  • Search Google directly from a Text Web toolbar
  • Open pages in Safari directly from Text Web
  • Email a link to the page you’re reading directly from Text Web
  • Return to the page you were last reading when Text Web opens
  • Read free e-books on websites like Project Gutenberg
  • Read news and reference sites like Wikipedia using your own view preferences
  • Clear your history anytime for privacy
  • Surf the web faster without downloading images or extra files

Important: Text Web does not currently support forms or cookies. We are hoping to add support for forms and cookies in the near future, but if you need to read websites that require a form submission or saving cookies, this app will not allow you to do so. (You can use “View Page in Safari” anytime if Text Web doesn’t display your page correctly.)

We offer online help through our help page. Features that are coming soon include support for anchor links, bookmarks, and more.

Text Web is created by Fab Apps in Washington, DC.

Use this form to contact us by email. Please use our online help if you have a support request.